Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Reflections

Well Easter has come and gone , but not without its share of reflection and remembrance. Something that has burned in my thoughts all weekend was a question that seemed to have come to mind starting on Good Friday. It is this: Why do we look to the world to give us Jesus? Let me back up.

Around the Easter holiday, as with all of the other spiritually significant holidays that we as believers celebrate, there is a sense of over-powering secular commercialism everywhere you go. Around Christmastime there are the Santas and reindeer that fill aisles and aisles of craft stores and shops. And at Easter you see the eggs, chicks, and bunnies all around. For some of us, me included, it can feel quite overwhelming to the point where I just want to get away from it all and focus on the true meaning of the holiday. So I busy myself with a "spiritual" event or craft. "There, that's better", I think. But then it occurred to me, Jesus doesn't live any more in a "He is Risen" banner than He lives in a silly bunny decoration or the tradition of families dying colored eggs- He lives in our hearts! And if He can be just as real and personal in the silliness of plastic eggs or the sweetness of a coconut cake, then so be it! I beat myself up too much sometimes about making sure my holidays are "spiritual" enough and feeling guilty when they don't seem to be, and I forget that Christ does not live in events or crafts, He lives in Me and You! Do I think it's more important to make a Resurrection scene over a Spring scene? I'm not the one to ask. I absolutely believe in teaching your children the story of Easter and what Christ has done for us by His death and resurrection- but the message that He came to bring us Life and Freedom! What a message to remember! And freedom in many, many forms. :) Having a wooden cross around your neck doesn't make you any more close to Him for it. Because you see, He doesn't live in symbols like churches or crosses, nor does He parade only down the aisles of "Spiritual-themed" decor- He lives in US!

So my question, "Why do we look to the world to give us Jesus?" You won't find Him there. Not truly. You need only look to the One that lives within you that died to bring you Life! And if you have not met Hm yet, you won't have to look hard...He's all around you. He's in her wrinkled smile or his helping hand. He's there, just open your eyes.

So I must ask you....what is more obvious in your life? That gladness and peace of your heart evidencing the Life that is in You, or merely symbols that decorate your life, and stop there. Something to chew on.


Grace said...

Very good insight, Gaily. I hadn't ever thought of it that way! Thanks for sharing what God has been teaching you! Always a joy to read your blog!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glenna said...

This was really good Gail, I liked hearing your thoughts on Easter, love you!