Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cole Eating Rice Cereal

We've been hearing for months not to expect much out of the first "real" feeding experience, cause most babies don't take to it that well and will only eat a tablespoon or so. Sooo....we were happily surprised that he not only took to it right away, but that he was coming back for more! He ate the entire bowl and was as happy as a clam! ;)

If this video doesn't show that we are new and adoring parents, I don't know what will....

He looks so small and cute in his feeding chair. ;)

Messy face!

More more!

Not too happy...

A few tears, but he's alright. :)

Happy Weekend!!!


Friday, May 20, 2011


The hydrangeas on my patio are in full bloom! I love their pom-pom blooms and light fragrance. To me, they're especially beautiful right after a light rain or sprinkling of the hose when their mop heads are slightly damp.

Each one of my hydrangeas are special to me because they mark a special time in my life. This one (above) was given to me by my Mother when I got engaged. Blue hydrangeas are my favorite flower and I used a lot of them in our wedding, so it was special to receive this from her. It makes me happy that it's lasted this long too! I hope to keep it alive for many years to come. ;)

Did you know that blue hydrangeas can range from light purple to dark blue depending on the acidity of the soil? The more acid {lower pH), the darker the color. Last year I would dump old coffee grounds on them and they were much darker and bluer. I'm enjoying the purple this year though!

This hydrangeas is also from my Mother and was given to me at Easter when we lived in our first apartment. I still have the dried blossoms that it produced that first year. {Thank you, Mom!}

This pretty pink variety was given to me by Matthew right before we moved from our 1st apartment. Moving is always a hard transition, but this little lady helped to soften the change.

Someday I'd love to have an entire hedge of pure hydrangeas in all varieties, but for now, I'm perfectly content with these beauties. ;) They bring gladness to my heart and remind me of The Gardener who does a much better job of taking care of them than I ever will.

Happy gardening to YOU!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garage Sale-ing

On Mother's Day Eve I snagged the opportunity to do some much desired garage sale-ing....all to myself. I'm not sure if I enjoyed the hunt or the time alone the most! It was a perfect day for it, and as fate would have it, I did not come home empty handed. ;)

Here's are few goodies I was able to snatch up:

Cute little wooden stool

I already had the white vases, but
I thought using them would take prettier pictures ;)


Faux, but surprising real-looking,
Pottery Barn birch bark candles.
Can you believe these were once priced
at $30, $20, and $15? = $65!

I bought all 3 for just $5!
{they look like they've only been used once too!)

Ratan wicker basket organizer- $1

Vintage jewelry tray with ornate detailing


2 wood frames with glass fronts- $1.50

And last but not least.....

This old symphony book with
awesome wear and tear...

I just love the texture of the worn pages

50 cents!

Total investment: $12.00! I was happy with what I came away with and am looking forward to how I'm going to now USE them! I believe in using everything you own. Of course I have some things just for decorating purposes alone, but to me, that's where they find their use. However, if something is meant to be handled and used and it's just sitting in a closet or on a shelf and is never taken out and used....then you might as well replace it with something you actually use!!

How I'm going to use these items:

Stool- plant stand
Birch candles- coffee table centerpiece
Ratan organizer- in kitchen to hold incoming/outgoing mail, etc.
Jewelry tray- on vanity in Master Bedroom
Frames- will repaint the gold one black and use them on my "studio picture wall" that I'm creating
Symphony book- for decoration

Well, that's all for now folks! If you've been garage sale-ing recently and found some great deals, leave me a comment and tell me about it! ;)

Have a beautiful Thursday!!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Happy Mother's Day & Our {Almost} 6 Month Old

I hope every mother out there had a most blessed Mother's Day this past weekend. I know I did! :) And while I'll always consider last year to be my first Mother's Day, it sure was special this year getting to spend it with our sweet son, Cole.

Here are some photos of our weekend:

Matthew surprised me on Saturday with pedi's and
shopping with girlfriends while he cared for Cole.
So fun! When I got home I was surprised again
with a lovely dinner he had prepared. :)

He set the table with 4 place settings, each one
honoring each member of our family. He even set
one for "June", our Angel Baby. Oh my...did
the tears flow! I have the best husband. ;)
{Sorry for the dark picture}

Dinner was scrumptious: pan-seared fillet mignon,
wilted savory spinach, seasoned roasted potatoes,
shrimp kabobs wrapped in bacon & cheese...
and the best part----this creme brulee he made
himself! I was absolutely blown away. I'm married
to a chef...I had no idea! Now that the secret's out
I'll have to enlist him to cook more often! Ha!

~Mother's Day~

We spent Mother's Day at the beautiful
Dallas Arboretum gardens. A picnic
and a tour of the gardens made this momma
very happy! Here's my little guy sporting
the gift "he" made for me. :)

Delicious personal cherry & peach pies
made by yours truly. ;)

Me, Cole, and my wonderful Momma.
I love you, Mom!!! Soooo much!!!

4 Generations.

My beastly hubby, Cole, and my sweet
Mother-in-law, Ruthanne. ;)

Sisters & Mom in front of one of the
"flower houses". So pretty!

And now for some baby pics....

Happy Tuesday to all!!