Monday, October 11, 2010

Cool Stools

As I've mentioned before, "nesting" has really taken much so that things that are waaay unrelated to baby coming are still at the top of my list of "to dos".

I bought these green bar stools on Craigslist for $10 a stool. Immediately I thought, "need new paint". For only $10 a pop, I knew investing in a little paint wouldn't be a bank-killer.

When discussing my plans one night with my family to pick up the stools from the Craigslist seller, somebody (whose name I will not mention) decided to remind us of the other definition for stools. That led to reading all the emails again between the seller and I....which as you can see, struck us as quite funny.

Here's what the stools look like now, painted black. Much better I think. I love them because I use them every single day when eating breakfast, lunch, or hahaha....checking things off my list. ;0)

Paint stools: check.

Have a beautiful & craftsy day,


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love is on the way....

Matt & I had such a blast this past Sunday doing a preggy photo shoot with talented photographer Taylor Lord. Check out her blog here to see more photos of our fun morning. ;0) You'll probably have to scroll down a little to see our can't miss it.

Love & hugs,


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You know you're "nesting" when....

Hey Folks!

I know I haven't posted anything in awhile, but I've been doing a lot of fun projects lately that have kept me busy. I'm totally in "nesting" mode, which has resulted in me getting quite a few things done around here!

It's funny how nesting seems to take over the pregnant's actually ridiculous how it plays out sometimes.

For example....

1. You make an enormous list of necessary "Things to do before baby comes" and check it frequently to see how you're doing ( most things on list are not absolutely necessary and I know it...ahem).

2. You declutter all your closets and drawers.

3. You find yourself doing things 3 months in advance than you normally would.

4. You buy 4 different blankets for the nursery, decide on which one to actually keep, then take 3 of them back.

5. You can't get to bed at night cause you're up deciding what color to paint the nursery.

6. Your sense of urgency goes from "I'll do that later" to "there is no later!"

7. You soak up every bit of information about labor, breastfeeding, caring for an infant, etc. as possible.

8. You have 2 magazines and 3 books about pregnancy, labor, etc. on your beside table at all times.

9. You find yourself wanting to organize everyone else's life, too. (they need my help!)

....and for the worst....

10. You organize your "junk drawer" in the kitchen.

Silly I know....but happens! Matthew laughed out loud the other night when he saw me organizing and refolding the tablecloths in the linen closet after midnight. I just had to do one more thing before I went to bed....or it would have driven me out of bed at 2 am! Why do we do this? I don't know for sure....but somehow I think God has something to do with it...and if that's the case...I'm not arguing. And besides, my house is getting cleaner than ever in the process!

*What's the funniest thing you've ever done while nesting....or strangest nesting story you've ever heard? Do tell!

P.S. When I get to it, I'll post some pics of some of the projects I've been working on lately. ;0)

Have a beautiful, quirky day,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Silly Momma

I thought I'd have a little fun this time with the pregnancy update photos.

Here's me at 28 weeks. Only 12 more (give or take) to go!!!

In other pregnancy news, I'm feeling really great these days and love every minute enjoying our sweet baby's it gentle jabs, rolls, or full-out kicks in the belly! I've been trying to walk every morning to keep in shape too. My midwife says that thinner and stronger mommies have easier deliveries....and since we're going Au-natural with the delivery, I'm taking advantage of anything that helps on this side of the journey! I'm also documenting everything I eat so I can see what my habits are. It keeps me humble and helps me think twice before serving up a double helping of icecream. ;0) But no worries...I'm still getting my cravings in....just trying to be more wise with them so baby is healthy too!

I hope that whoever is out there that is reading my little blog is enjoying their day and is filled with God's grace & joy today. Take a look's a beautiful day out there. And if you're reading this, send me a note...I'd love to hear from you!

God bless,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Peachy History

When my family moved to the "country" in North Texas when I was about 9, my parents decided to plant a small fruit orchard on our newly acquired 4 acres. I'll never forget their humble beginnings when my mom chopped the little starter trees down to about 3 feet, leaving a gnarly stick shooting out of the ground, looking more like a stake than an actual fruit tree. It would be years before her research on how to care for and grow fruit trees would pay off, but as the years went by, the once simple fruit trees grew beautiful and strong, producing the most delicious fruit: apples, plums, pears, figs, and my favorite...peaches.

One year our largest peach tree produced so much fruit that we had to lift up the heavy fruit-burdened limbs by placing ladders underneath so they wouldn't break. That was a good year for peaches. And because my mom always tried to grow all her fruit and vegetables in the garden organically, sharing the year's bounty with the bugs and birds alike was second nature. If you found a little worm in the peach or plum you were about to eat or slice up for pie, there was never a second thought about whether or not to save the fruit in question. Of course we saved it...just cut around the little critter and move on. That's the way life went.

Aside from eating the ripe fruit straight from the tree, which is the most rewarding way of eating it, the rest we (and by we I mean my mom, with a little help from her 6 daughters) made into jam, pies, or froze for the cooler months. There's nothing more rewarding than a slice of homemade bread lathered in fresh jam or a pie baked to perfection made from the very fruit you saw growing on the tree yourself. It's nothing short of a little slice of heaven. YUM. {more on fresh baked bread later}.

Those early years of being exposed to growing a lot of our own fruit and vegetables are some of the fondest memories I have as a child, and has definitely shaped a lot of who I am today. I can't thank my mother enough for her influence in my life. She's the best homemaker I know...and one I will always look up to (I still call her when I have a kitchen question...which is frequent!). I love you, Momma....from the bottom of my heart!

So, you can imagine my sense of urgency after acquiring nearly 200 peaches at a farm in Lynchburg, Virginia. Something had to be done immediately before these prized fruits went bad. Having picked them at the peak of ripeness, that didn't leave me a whole lot of time!

So far I've used them up by sprinkling them over my homemade granola in the morning, adding them to smoothies, eating them fresh by themselves, freezing several bags for smoothies and pies, baking 2 peach pies, and mixing up a batch of delicious peach jam! I still have a few left, but they will get frozen or jammed up soon.

Here's a sampling....

~Peach Jam~

~Peach Pie~

First I start with a good, basic pie dough. I have yet
to find a pie dough I'm in love with, so I typically
try a different recipe every time. The key is to get it flaky,
but not too much so that it doesn't hold together. If you have a
dough that you'd recommend, please send it my way!

The filling, dotted with butter.

For a 9 in. pie, combine:

5-6 cups fresh peaches
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (I always add a little more)
2 Tablespoons butter to dot on top of filling

Voila and oven ready!

Bake in a 425 degree oven for about 40-45 minutes, or until
crust is golden and filling bubbles up between slits in crust. I'd
recommend using a pie crust protector, too.
This will help it from burning.

And there you have it! So delicious and Summery. Yum!

Have a beautiful & delicious Thursday,


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I {LOVE} Peaches

Matthew and I just got back from a week-long trip to beautiful Virginia to visit and celebrate his sister getting married. It was a joyous occasion, and all who came to the ceremony were blessed and encouraged by this sweet couple's devotion to the Lord, their respect and love for one another, and their vows of commitment for the future.

Joy & Iain ~ We love you!!!! Congratulations!!!

Before embarking on our long drive back to Texas, I told Matthew, "Honey, we just have to get some peaches before we get home!"

You see, I have a thing with peaches. It's really sort of a love obsession. First of all, my favorite dessert of all time is peach pie, but you just can't get good peaches anywhere in the grocery stores here, and even if you're lucky enough to find some that taste good, they're still comparably sub-par to their tree-ripened relatives. For those of you out there that share my love of this delicious stone fruit, you understand what I'm saying. I always get my hopes up when I see beautiful peaches at the supermarket, only to find out later that they were either tasteless, mealy, or hard. Yuck! (spitting it out and swearing to never again buy another supermarket peach...although I always end up having my hopes up again and trying, yet again. It's like watching Gone With the Wind again and again and hoping beyond all hope that maybe Scarlett and Rhett will end up together in the end. They never do.)

Anywho, back to Virginia. After a little prodding (it didn't take much), Matthew located several farms near Lynchburg, where we were staying. Using his nifty GPS on his phone, we arrived at Johnson's Orchard & Winery about 30 minutes from town. Such a gorgeous scenic ride through the Virginia mountains, too. ;0)

I think my eyes are closed here, but it's
the only picture of the two of us. Wait,
make that three! ;0)

I was happy to see their prices were reasonable. Of course
I went for the bushel!

Normally I would want to pick my own off the trees,
but their irrigation lines were in the way (so they say) so
we settled for picking them out of the big barrels. They had just been
picked the day before, tree-ripe. One of the helpers said,
"taste as much as you like". She didn't know who
she was talking to. I think I probably had
about 3 or 4 right there! No shame..and oh so delicious!

This is half a bushel. I think each bag
contained nearly 100 peaches. Good deal, eh?

While I was busy filling our bags, Matthew and his
parents did a free wine tasting of 25 different
kinds of wines. Matthew especially liked this spicy
wine, which contained over 30 different kinds of hot peppers.
Talk about HOT!

Even their outhouse was cute. ;)

Beautiful countryside.

Matthew with half our loot. Those bags were
full to the brim!

Back at home. This is one of the counters
that held the peaches. I counted 188 peaches
total, not counting the ones we devoured on our
way home!!

That's it for now! So far I'm enjoying eating them atop granola with milk or
by themselves. Next time I'll share with you about the batch of homemade
peach jam I made and of course.....

Peach pie!

Until next time,
good life and good fruit,


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Taste of Summer: Fresh Basil

After watching my little basil plants struggle through the heat this Summer to produce a crop of sweet basil for me, I knew I shouldn't let their efforts grow in vain.

While reading this blog post from "A Country Farmhouse", I knew I had found the perfect way to use my tender, little plants. Pesto Pizza! My sister and I made it the other day for us and Matthew, and LOVED IT! The pesto really does add something special. YUM! I'll definitely be making it again this Summer, or as Matthew pleaded, "please, we must make this a weekly meal!"

Let me know if you try really is delicious. ;0)

My plants produced over 2 cups packed basil...with more
leaves left on the plants for next time! I love using my fresh herbs.

Have a delicious and beautiful day,


Monday, July 12, 2010

{22} Weeks

Saturday I crossed over the 22 week mark. Yay! I'm feeling the little guy kick now...which has been just the coolest thing ever! Every time I feel him move I think, "wow....this truly is a miracle". I can't wait to meet him in 4 months!

Here's a few pics I thought I'd share...

I broke down the other day (it didn't take much to get me there) and bought a few maternity things. It's amazing how easily I gave up the right to wear normal clothes (at least bottoms). Maternity clothes are SOOO much more comfortable....I don't care what people say about the huge elastic bands...they're necessary!

Have a beautiful day,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love X 3

Love = July 7, 2007

Love = Excitement & wedding jitters

Love = "I DO"

Love = 7 amazing days in sunny California

Love = A "new norm"

Love = One small apartment in the Big D

Love = Learning how to be a spouse

Love = A year of "firsts"

Love = Sacrifice

Love = Tenderness

Love = Unselfishness

Love = Restoration (when the above 3 are forgotten)

Love = Forgiveness

Love = Moving

Love = Change & transition

Love = Being together

Love = Family

Love = Going through tough times together

Love = Losing a child, together

Love = Grieving

Love = Sadness

Love = Healing

Love = Being there for each other

Love = Witnessing God's love for us

Love = Roadtripping

Love = Peace

Love = Joy

Love = Moving again

Love = Change & transition, again

Love = Being pregnant with our second child

Love = Expectation

Love = Comfort

Love = Honesty & openness

Love = Hospitality

Love = Friends

Love = Closeness

Love = Happiness

Love = Commitment

Love = Knowing

Love X 3 = You & Me

Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Matty!

I love you with all my heart,

Friday, July 2, 2010

{Almost} 21 Weeks

Tomorrow I'll be 21 weeks! Yay! Today we had our monthly appointment and the doc had nothing but wonderful things to say about our little guy. Looks like we're a "textbook" pregnancy. Who's complaining...not me!

Here's recent "belly" pics:

Have a blessed weekend,


Monday, June 28, 2010

{Gender-Reveal Party}The Truth is in the Icing

This past weekend Matthew and I had a party to announce the gender of our precious baby. ;0) It wa such a fun party! With all our favorite people (minus a few) in the same room to share the excitement with, it sure was a night to remember!

I sent out these invitations prior to the party....

I found lots of online inspiration from fellow bloggers and preggies alike, which I soaked up with enthusiasm!

Here are some fun photos of the evening....

Here's the dining room with all the
goodies! I carried out the yellow and orange from the
invitation throughout the party.

Paper flag banner & fun chalkboard sign
that I made....

....and super easy tissue pom-poms. I used lots
of these throughout the house.

Fresh orange gerbera daisies with alstromeria
in tall glass cylinders rounded out the
refreshment table.

We asked everyone to wear either pink or blue
based on their guess of what it would be.
Here's my sweet Mema going all out
for Team Pink! I love it!

Yummy Orange Crush sodas.

My wonderful sister, Gwen, who made the delicious
cake that held the secret of the gender!

Don't worry, I didn't peek. ;0)

A very large Team Pink!

A humble Team Blue. Haha!

Playing the "Speed Diaper Changing" game. This game
was hilarious to watch.....especially the guys. Sorry guys!

Another fun game- Baby Jeopardy!

The all-too-serious Jeopardy crowd.

Me & my lovely Mom, Cindy. Love you, Mom!

My Dad, Brother & Me going strong
for Team Pink.

My Besties! I love you, girls!

And the cake revealed......

It's a BOY!!!!

Happy Parents-to-be. ;0)