Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Taste of Summer: Fresh Basil

After watching my little basil plants struggle through the heat this Summer to produce a crop of sweet basil for me, I knew I shouldn't let their efforts grow in vain.

While reading this blog post from "A Country Farmhouse", I knew I had found the perfect way to use my tender, little plants. Pesto Pizza! My sister and I made it the other day for us and Matthew, and LOVED IT! The pesto really does add something special. YUM! I'll definitely be making it again this Summer, or as Matthew pleaded, "please, we must make this a weekly meal!"

Let me know if you try it...it really is delicious. ;0)

My plants produced over 2 cups packed basil...with more
leaves left on the plants for next time! I love using my fresh herbs.

Have a delicious and beautiful day,


Monday, July 12, 2010

{22} Weeks

Saturday I crossed over the 22 week mark. Yay! I'm feeling the little guy kick now...which has been just the coolest thing ever! Every time I feel him move I think, "wow....this truly is a miracle". I can't wait to meet him in 4 months!

Here's a few pics I thought I'd share...

I broke down the other day (it didn't take much to get me there) and bought a few maternity things. It's amazing how easily I gave up the right to wear normal clothes (at least bottoms). Maternity clothes are SOOO much more comfortable....I don't care what people say about the huge elastic bands...they're necessary!

Have a beautiful day,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love X 3

Love = July 7, 2007

Love = Excitement & wedding jitters

Love = "I DO"

Love = 7 amazing days in sunny California

Love = A "new norm"

Love = One small apartment in the Big D

Love = Learning how to be a spouse

Love = A year of "firsts"

Love = Sacrifice

Love = Tenderness

Love = Unselfishness

Love = Restoration (when the above 3 are forgotten)

Love = Forgiveness

Love = Moving

Love = Change & transition

Love = Being together

Love = Family

Love = Going through tough times together

Love = Losing a child, together

Love = Grieving

Love = Sadness

Love = Healing

Love = Being there for each other

Love = Witnessing God's love for us

Love = Roadtripping

Love = Peace

Love = Joy

Love = Moving again

Love = Change & transition, again

Love = Being pregnant with our second child

Love = Expectation

Love = Comfort

Love = Honesty & openness

Love = Hospitality

Love = Friends

Love = Closeness

Love = Happiness

Love = Commitment

Love = Knowing

Love X 3 = You & Me

Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Matty!

I love you with all my heart,

Friday, July 2, 2010

{Almost} 21 Weeks

Tomorrow I'll be 21 weeks! Yay! Today we had our monthly appointment and the doc had nothing but wonderful things to say about our little guy. Looks like we're a "textbook" pregnancy. Who's complaining...not me!

Here's recent "belly" pics:

Have a blessed weekend,