Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Can Do It

I made an important discovery today. You know those bulky metal "meat tenderizers" you use in the kitchen to pound out meat? Well, about 3 weeks ago mine went kaput. I had bought a cheap one and metal remnants were starting to come off onto the meat when I used it, so I threw it away. I like the result of pounded meat cause it lends a much more tender, flavorful taste. So, this morning as I was preparing some chicken to be marinated for dinner tonight...instead of using my useless, metal-oozing tool, I just used my fist! Pound pound POUND and........done. Easy peasy and I didn't even need to wash another kitchen tool. It worked just as well I just covered the meat beforehand with parchment paper to prevent splatters.

Maybe everybody does this....and I just hadn't made the discovery yet. ;0) Shame on you for not telling me!

Have a happy & delicious day,


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Happy Valentine's

Yesterday was the best day EVER. I don't know if it's because I went into it with low expectations or what, but it truly was one of the best days in our 3 1/2 years of marriage. True story.

I had fully planned on waking up early to make Matthew breakfast, but guess who beat me to it? Yep, he was up and at 'em and soon ushered me into the kitchen for this lovely treat...

It may be hard to tell, but that's scrambled eggs dyed red
with toast & butter. YUM. Not pictured (which was
equally delicious) was pomegranate green tea. So thoughtful!

Later on in the morning I got him back and blew up pink and red balloons and threw them in his office, along with sweet messages taped on his office door that read "This Office Belongs to the Man I Love" and on his chair "King of my Heart". So sappy....I know. ;0)

I also decorated our table in the afternoon for dinner....

I set the table for 4 to make it look more complete,
but it was only for the two of us. The only thing I
bought were the placemats for $1.99 each, everything
else I had on hand.

Remember these beauties I scored at a garage
sale for 25 cents for a set of 12? It's amazing
what a little bleach will do.

Valentine cookies. YUM.

Drop cloth tablecloth, pink votives, red
tapers and heart playing cards. ;0)

For lunch I surprised Matthew with this...

Tomato basil soup with Caesar salad- one of our faves!
I got a little cream-happy, thus the distorted heart.

♥ My Valentine ♥

For dinner we cooked together. Fun! Here's the table at night:

Strawberry "heart" spinach salad with red onions,
glazed pecans and a homemade dressing.

Fillet mignon, creamy scalloped potatoes,
buttered asparagus & (not pictured) sparkling
cranberry juice & bread.

And here's my studly Valentine again
sporting the pink polo. (nice shave, too.)

And if that wasn't enough already, Matthew surprised me by recreating our first date together by going iceskating! Cole had his first babysitting experience with Matt's parents while the two of us were able to get out for a little alone time. It was WONDERFUL and we laughed and smiled the entire time. Before heading home we finished out the evening by going to Braums for my favorite icecream: Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate! Perfection in a cone.

Anywho, I really didn't write this post just to brag and boast, it just made me so happy I had to share it!

I was happy to get home to this little dude though....

(Photo taken Valentine's Eve)

Love & hugs,