Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Can Do It

I made an important discovery today. You know those bulky metal "meat tenderizers" you use in the kitchen to pound out meat? Well, about 3 weeks ago mine went kaput. I had bought a cheap one and metal remnants were starting to come off onto the meat when I used it, so I threw it away. I like the result of pounded meat cause it lends a much more tender, flavorful taste. So, this morning as I was preparing some chicken to be marinated for dinner tonight...instead of using my useless, metal-oozing tool, I just used my fist! Pound pound POUND and........done. Easy peasy and I didn't even need to wash another kitchen tool. It worked just as well I just covered the meat beforehand with parchment paper to prevent splatters.

Maybe everybody does this....and I just hadn't made the discovery yet. ;0) Shame on you for not telling me!

Have a happy & delicious day,



Anonymous said...

The pic almost looks like you, too:) Hadn't thought of that idea before though...probably because my chicken is almost always half-frozen!

Love ya!


Grace said...

I have used a rolling pin to do this before and it is pretty handy too! You never can go wrong with punching your own meat tho...gets out any mommy frustrations that might be building up, haha! ;)

Love you!