Monday, July 12, 2010

{22} Weeks

Saturday I crossed over the 22 week mark. Yay! I'm feeling the little guy kick now...which has been just the coolest thing ever! Every time I feel him move I think, "wow....this truly is a miracle". I can't wait to meet him in 4 months!

Here's a few pics I thought I'd share...

I broke down the other day (it didn't take much to get me there) and bought a few maternity things. It's amazing how easily I gave up the right to wear normal clothes (at least bottoms). Maternity clothes are SOOO much more comfortable....I don't care what people say about the huge elastic bands...they're necessary!

Have a beautiful day,



Anonymous said...

You look so cute, Gaily. Baby boy Gaffin sure has a pretty mama:)

Love you,

Ivy said...

I have to say, after I finally broke down and got maternity clothes the first time (I don't know why it seems to be so hard...) I honestly didn't think I would EVER go back. And with the exception of a very few things, I really haven't. For the most part I just wear dresses, elastic skirts or somthing like that. I have just totally been spoiled by having a non-compressed middle. so enjoy your maternity clothes!

Grace said...

Gaily, you are such a beautiful pregnant mama! I can't wait to meet that little guy either!

Love you!

Iain and Joy said...

Your belly is soooo cute :) I love this pictures!!!! You are seriously the most adorable!!

A Country Farmhouse said...

We bought four more basil plants because we're eating faster than it's growing! And I read that basil is a wonder food for pregnant women!!!

Happy 22 weeks! We're at 19 weeks and we're very excited to find out the sex of the two babies. xo