Monday, June 28, 2010

{Gender-Reveal Party}The Truth is in the Icing

This past weekend Matthew and I had a party to announce the gender of our precious baby. ;0) It wa such a fun party! With all our favorite people (minus a few) in the same room to share the excitement with, it sure was a night to remember!

I sent out these invitations prior to the party....

I found lots of online inspiration from fellow bloggers and preggies alike, which I soaked up with enthusiasm!

Here are some fun photos of the evening....

Here's the dining room with all the
goodies! I carried out the yellow and orange from the
invitation throughout the party.

Paper flag banner & fun chalkboard sign
that I made....

....and super easy tissue pom-poms. I used lots
of these throughout the house.

Fresh orange gerbera daisies with alstromeria
in tall glass cylinders rounded out the
refreshment table.

We asked everyone to wear either pink or blue
based on their guess of what it would be.
Here's my sweet Mema going all out
for Team Pink! I love it!

Yummy Orange Crush sodas.

My wonderful sister, Gwen, who made the delicious
cake that held the secret of the gender!

Don't worry, I didn't peek. ;0)

A very large Team Pink!

A humble Team Blue. Haha!

Playing the "Speed Diaper Changing" game. This game
was hilarious to watch.....especially the guys. Sorry guys!

Another fun game- Baby Jeopardy!

The all-too-serious Jeopardy crowd.

Me & my lovely Mom, Cindy. Love you, Mom!

My Dad, Brother & Me going strong
for Team Pink.

My Besties! I love you, girls!

And the cake revealed......

It's a BOY!!!!

Happy Parents-to-be. ;0)




Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Congrats Gail! I'm so excited. What a clever way to share the news. I love the orange pom poms and daisies. Just an adorable, yet so simple shower. Love it. I see you were going for team pink, but team blue is just as much fun. Can't wait to see pictures of your little one! Don't know if you have or haven't but we did a 3d ultrasound with the newest one and couldn't believe after he was born how much it looked like him. It was an amazing thing. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

It was such a fun night, Gaily! You did such an amazing job on everything-it was beautiful!

Love you, Gwen

Grace said...

Thanks for posting the pics and the I feel like I was really there! ;)

Everything looked so lovely, and I am always amazed at how you can put on a have a gift for making things beautiful!

Welcome to the mom-of-boys club! It's a fun one to be in!

Love you sooooooooooo very much!

Love, Grace

a day in the life of a davis said...

What a great video!
I am so excited for this little Gaffin Man inside of you.
Congratulations my friends,
The sweet journey is just beginning!

Courtney Elizabeth said...

What a super cute party and way to reveal what you're having! You did a great job! Congratulations!

One question though, was Gwen the only one who knew what it was? And how did she find out?


Iain and Joy said...

I just cried watching the video. wow. I am so excited. the partly looked beautiful and super fun!!! I cant wait even more to see you in 38 days :) i get to have a nephew :)))) i cant stop smiling for yall. love you!!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Oh my goodness, how fun! You are a beautiful mom-to-be, I'm so excited for you and your husband, and for sweet lil' boy!

btw... I love your wedding pics in the more recent post!

Blessings on a continued wonderful pregnancy. :-)