Monday, June 14, 2010

Garage Sale {Goodies}

It's that time of year again.....Garage Sale season! I decided to scout out a few sales here in our neighborhood in an effort to change/vamp things up at the house a bit. I found a few goodies the past 2 weekends and thought they were blog-worthy enough to share them with you! :0)

Guess how much I paid for this beauty? It's a painting that has been printed on canvas
complete with a nice solid wood frame & matte in great condition. The varnish on top
of the print that seals it is all crackly looking when you look up close. I love that.

I love how peaceful and serene this picture is...

The only thing I changed was to clean it up a bit and paint the (previously bright red)
matte this off-white color. I think it looks much better now.
I already had the paint on hand.

$2, Baby!

I snagged this cute owl print and wood frame
at a church rummage sale. I may
end up painting the frame black...but we'll see.

25 cents!

This original oil painting came with a frame
that was beat I discarded that. I may end up
framing it again...but I'm not opposed to
frame-less oil paintings. I love the colors
and calming landscape.

These little sherbet dishes were too cute to pass up...
and I might add...too cheap! I'm such a frilly girl,
so I know I'll use them over and over again in the
years to come. Can't beat clear glass, either.
Goes with EVERYTHING. Added bonus:
they were in pristine condition with no scratches or chips. Yay!

60 cents total for a lot of 6!

Another large beautiful print with a nice wood frame & matte.
I'm debating whether to paint the matte or not to make it stand
out more.....what would you do???
Da da da dummm....$2!

Favorite find of all: a vintage rocking chair! I had been
on the look-out for a vintage rocking chair after seeing
THIS EXACT ONE in my "Fit Pregnancy" mag. The one
in the magazine had been painted a vintage green color...all
except the cane, which is pretty cute to vamp up an older rocker.
It's in pristine condition with no holes or instability
in the cane seat and back. I love it! I can't wait to finish
the nursery so I can put it to good use in there when
the baby comes!
Question: should I paint it?
$40. ;)

And lastly, who could pass up these sweet little
embroidered cloth napkins? I'll use them for
luncheons, tea, or what-have-you.

25 cents total for a set of 12! Wow!

Is it just me, or does anybody else get completely giddy when they find a steal of a deal? I was pretty happy with what I found. May you feel encouraged to find a few goodies yourself!




Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Gail, those are some pretty terrific finds. LOVE the napkins and the owl! Adorable.

country girl said...

Those are really wonderful finds!

I saw your comment on A Country husband and I lost our baby last Fall, too. I am sorry for your loss, and feel a bond with women who have gone through the same pain as I have.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I wish you all the best, and a healthy, happy baby!

We are still trying.

Take care,


A Country Farmhouse said...

Great finds! The top one is by Albert Bierstadt - one of my favorites!

Love great finds - especially art!


Gail said...


Thanks for giving me the history of my print! I love it...and I really like the rest of his stuff too. Thanks for the link!