Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cole Walking & 1 Year Old

Today is Cole's 1st Birthday (*sniff sniff*). We started the day with several rounds of the "Happy Birthday" song, ate special applesauce birthday pancakes for breakfast (where he attempted to blow out his first candle), and watched him open a couple of gifts. So far it's been a great day! I don't think he really knows what's going on, but for us, it's a time to reflect on this past year with our sweet boy..and celebrate the most precious gift that God has blessed us with...

Cole Bryan. :)

It's hard to believe it's already been one year. It seems like just yesterday we were at the birthing center, anticipating his birth , then bringing him home where the realization finally started to settle in: we were parents. This was permanent. No going back. He was ours. 

It's been such a wonderful year, and though it's been hard at times figuring out this parenting stuff and how to balance our marriage, outside commitments and our sweet baby, it's been a whole lotta fun along the way. He brings more joy to our days than we ever thought possible...and looking back, it's hard to believe there was ever a time when he wasn't in our lives.

We love you sweet Cole! Happy Birthday Darling!


P.S. In other news, Cole is now starting to walk! Here's a little video I shot the other day for your viewing pleasure!


Mom said...

Ohhhh! He is growing up and I'm so glad that you are enjoying each new phase and treasuring him in it because then he's on to the next one!

Happy 1st Birthday Cole !!!!



goatpod2 said...

Happy 1st birthday Cole!



for the love of a house said...

Happy, happy birthday Cole!! How exciting and what a big day for all of you!


p.s. I love the name Cole!