Friday, October 5, 2012

Three Weeks

Three weeks. Seems like such a short amount of time.....and yet it seems like an eternity. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and counting and very excited/anxious to enter into this next phase of life....the phase where I get to be called "a mommy of two". A mom of boys. :) It makes my heart glad....sooo glad

I always wanted 2 sons that would be "pals" and good friends throughout life. We're praying that Cole and Baby Gaffin will become best buds and lifelong friends. I was blessed with 5 sisters and my sweet brother and still count them as my best friends. What a blessing siblings are! Thank you, Lord! 

Before we found out we were pregnant with Cole, everyone said I'd be the one who would have all the girls. I'm a girly-girl at heart, so I guess it seemed to fit the assumption. I love flowers, pretty things, and have even been called "graceful" (haha....not sure about that one). I even thought we'd end up with mostly girls. :) But isn't it funny how God works? He knew just what we needed....and has blessed us with 2 sweet BOYS! Having a son has certainly brought out the "tougher" side of me...and it's so much fun to see the world anew through the eyes of a little guy....and little guy who is rambunctious, strong, curious, and all-around BOY. He is a delight! I can hardly wait to see what his little brother is like...and to enjoy all the fun baby stages anew with him. 

I've pondered a lot in this pregnancy about what a responsibility it is to raise boys in this day and age. It's quite a responsibility whether you are raising boys or girls.....but for some reason (and maybe it's only because we'll be raising boys and that's what I have my mind set on)....the stakes seem higher raising boys. Our culture seems to want to strip boys of their masculinity and their God-given roles as leaders and strong, confident men and it can seem quite scary at times. Raising children is no light issue. The desires of both Matthew's and my heart have been to raise up Godly men who will stand firm in their faith, persevere for their families, and live boldly for God. I know it's going to take a lot of prayer, discernment and guidance along the way, and we're ready to face the challenge. It's not going to be easy, but God never throws you into a situation that He won't enable you in, right? YES. Again, thank you, Lord!

Three weeks. I know it will probably fly by and I won't even remember how long it seemed to take. How my feet hurt at the end of each day and how I had a hard time bending over to help Cole pick up his toys. How I worked endlessly to make each day count in preparation for our sweet baby to come and how I said his name aloud to myself all the time....just to get used to it. 

How I waited for him.

Because soon, and very soon, he'll be here....and our lives will forever change. 

Bring it on! 



Anonymous said...

I love reading these musings of a mother's heart. So blessed to find you relating your life so intimately with the Lord's will for your family! And how blessed we are as well with the awesome privilege of grandparenting all these precious boys He has given us as well. I am expectantly waiting for the arrival of this new grandson and to see his face and hear his name for the first time. So sweet to think of you speaking his name already. Love you, my dear Gail.


Anonymous said...

Yay! A new post;) Excited for you as you enter these last few weeks!

Love you, Gaily!


Grace Note Gifts said...

Can't wait to see you and your two precious lil guys together. What a blessing! Love you, love all your babies and I am so thankful I get to be in this crazy motherhood thing together with you!

Blessings, Grace

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you were so close! I have loved watching my pairs of little brothers grow up, and I know you're going to have an amazing time with your little pals (plus all those little boys cousins y'all have down there!). Hope the big day comes soon - October is a great month to be born in :-)