Tuesday, February 2, 2010

14 Ways to Say "I Love You"

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I know some of you out there are V-Day downers...saying that it's ridiculous to especially focus one month on showing your loved one you care when it should be shown year round. I understand your thinking, but really....what harm can be done? These little "investments" as I call them may seem momentary...but.....if done thoughtfully... you and your Valentine are bound to reap the benefits not just this month, but all year round. ;)

~14 Ways to say "I Love You"~

1. Surprise your Valentine with breakfast in bed or
muffins and coffee before he/she goes into work :)
2. Leave love notes in random places around the house
such as in shoes, the refrigerator, inside a closed laptop, etc.
3. Clean his/her home office or work space---just make
sure you don't mess with the somewhat "organized" piles
4. Cook up their favorite dinner
5. Offer to take him/her out on a date---pick a favorite
place and a movie he/she would enjoy seeing.
6. Write "Be Mine" in the steamed up mirror
after you get out of the shower...or an old tube of lipstick
works well, too :)
7. Randomly ask your Valentine to dance with you---
it could be right there in the living room or kitchen, or
out & about like in the parking lot when you've finished shopping
8. Make your loved one a handmade Valentine's card and
write a letter telling him/her why you want them to be yours
9. Write him/her a poem---
don't be scared, it doesn't have to be perfect
10. Flowers. Chocolate. Card. 'Nough said.
11. Speak kindly & tenderly
12. Offer to help him/her with a pressing project
13. Compliment your Valentine
14. Say "I Love You" out loud. Many, many times.




Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

I love all of your ideas...and that picture that you posted at the end is just priceless. Timeless love...so very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Love you TONS!


Gail said...

You're welcome Gracie! Love you too!