Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Luncheon & {White Dishes}

I had 3 very special women in my life over for lunch I just had to share our goings on with you!

Meet my Grandma, Linda; my Mother, Cindy;
and my Mother-in-law, Ruthanne. :)

I set the table with a white tablecloth,
some vintage linen place mats and napkins that I
bought at an estate sale ( I love vintage linens!)....and I my new
white dishes!

Pale pink roses with privet berries that I clipped
from our bushes were used as a centerpiece.
Very feminine. :)

For lunch I served sliced fruit with poppyseed dressing,
curry chicken salad, rosemary cheddar muffins, tea,
& orange pound cake (not pictured).

Three generations. :)

One of my passions is having people over and meeting needs through food, conversation and a beautiful atmosphere. I'm grateful to the Lord that I had the opportunity to do this today because it surely blessed MY heart!


Here are some additional photos of my new white dishes without the food on them! They're called "Classic White" by Lenox and I'm really loving them! (pardon the poorly lit was raining today).

I was glad to find a pattern that came with so many pieces! Each place setting includes 1 dinner plate, 1 lunch plate, 1 salad plate/dessert plate, 1 bread & butter plate, 1 cereal bowl, 1 soup bowl & a teacup & saucer! I love the versatility of the different size plates and bowls and I'm loving how clean and classic they look. And funny thing, they are the EXACT same shape as the "Chirp" pattern I was looking at...only white! Only I got them at none other than T.J.MAXX. Love that store!!

Happy Wednesday!




Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Just beautiful, Gaily. I really like those dishes, and the fact that they will be able to go with so many different never can go wrong with white!

Your luncheon looked delicious and fun. How cool to be able to hang out with 3 of the coolest women in the world!

Love you!
Love, Grace

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Looks really beautiful. BTW, thanks for making me hungry. You need to share those recipes. It looks fabulous!
You are so lucky to be able to have 3 generations together. None of my grandparents are alive and I was only lucky enough to have one grandmother in my life until I was 15. Treasure it!

KPE said...

The dishes look great, especially on those beautiful linens! What a blessing to be able to host a luncheon like that!