Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's been nearly 3 months since I've written in! So much has happened! I've had a baby as most of you know....Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone.....and now it's already 2011!! My oh my! I'm going to try and be better at blogging in the future and possibly try and recap the last couple months, but for's a few pics to give you an idea of how life has been in the Gaffin home.

This is the last baby bump picture taken
of me before our sweet Cole arrived.
Here I am at 40 weeks. ;0)

First picture with Daddy and Cole Bryan
on 11/16/10. Already smiling!

Back at home from the Birthing Center
8 hours after giving birth. I know it ain't pretty...
but this is real life, folks. Ha!

First Thanksgiving 2010 ;)

Picking out a Christmas tree. Where's Cole? ;)

Napping with Daddy.

Merry Christmas!

More posts to come!!!


Ivy said...

It HAS been a long while since we heard from you! But cole is a super cutie! That smiling one is precious. I am glad he came safely.

. said...

I love you and I love little Cole! (And Matthew!) I hadn't seen some of those pictures and they're so great, thanks for sharing Gail!

Brittany Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, he is adorable. I love that one of him smiling - how can you not smile back?! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I love getting to see how you guys are doing.

Practically Ava said...

Welcome back! Oh my he is precious and he is already a smiling little fella! And you look great! I am looking forward to reading your updates on life and mommyhood.

goatpod2 said...




Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Congrats Gail. I've wondered when you'd be back. Cole is perfect and you look beautiful. Congrats to you and your lovely family. Welcome back! Can't wait to see more baby pix.

Courtney Elizabeth said...

Gail, you were such a cute pregnant lady! And you look great after having Cole. He's a cutie! I have been thinking about you alot lately and wondering how life was, glad to see you back on the bloggin world!

Grace said...

About time, haha...but still, no nursery pics!!! ;) Love you!

Blessings, Grace

Anonymous said...

I love the nurtured nest and "baby cole"! Love you, sis!


Elizabeth Bailey said...

Love the pictures! Congratulations, and a big welcome to you, lil' Cole! Happy 2011! :-)