Monday, April 4, 2011

I can't BELIEVE my baby.....

....sister is all grown up!

This past weekend I had the privilege of doing my sister Greta's updo for her school prom. She'll be a Senior next year and it's all starting to hit me....

She's so grown up! And such a lovely, young lady too.

She's 10 years younger than me, so to see her all grown up makes me feel...well...old. But oh is what it is! (or rather, I am what I am...and I'm going to try and embrace it!).

{The updo in process....excuse my very disheveled hair..haha}

{All ready!}

There's so much I love about this girl. She has the kindest and most generous heart in the world....and she's always doing something sweet for someone else.

She's also a true friend to those who know her. She cares about people, even if it means telling them what they need to hear rather than just what they want to hear. I love that about her.

{Where's my date?

{Beautiful smile ;) }

She loves the Lord with all her heart...and I can tell she's growing in Him each day as she looks to Him to guide her. That's a rare trait in a girl her cool.

I love that she's so creative, too. She's such an artsy person and extremely talented beyond her years. I love that we can share creative ideas and concepts and know exactly what the other person is talking about.

We're visionaries. ;)

{Greta and her date, Cole}

Greta also is such a carefree spirit and loves to have fun....loves to dance....loves to be with her friends and family....loves to be be active...and just loves to be. She's a lovely soul...and her enthusiasm and spirit is infectious. It's just so much fun being around her....and it's easy to be around her because at once you feel comfortable and at ease. You don't have to pretend.

Greta gets me. I have a very corny, silly type of humor that not everybody sees...but I don't care when I'm around Greta. She laughs right along with me....(even if it's after a slight roll of the eyes). She's just cool like that.

The year before my Mom got pregnant with Greta, I remember really wanting my mom to have another baby sister for me. I might have had 4 sisters at the time, but none of them were babies anymore. I was 9.

I remember I would lay the baby blankets out in the nursery crib, situate the stuffed animals and little pillows and then ask my mom, "when are you going to have another baby? How about now?"

{Boutonniere made by yours truly}

By the end of that year, I had my baby sister and I remember thinking "this one's gonna be mine". My older sister, Grace was the favorite older sister at the I think I must have had a little jealousy thing going on...haha..(of course, looking back, it might have had to do with the fact that she had a gumball machine in her room....Grace? Any thoughts on that one? ;))

But much as I truly love all my sisters and brother alike, Greta will always be my baby sister and will hold a special place in my heart.

And Greta...if you're reading this....

I love you, Treb.




Grace said...

You did such a great job with Grebbie's hair...and yes, it must have been the gumball machine that made me the favorite, haha! ;)....I never knew you were jealous of me tho...

Love you!

Greta said...


I don't even know what to say, except for thank you for your precious words! (As well as a huge thank you for fixing my hair up beautifully and making Cole's boutonniere, but thats a given!)

As for your quirky sense of humor, although I may roll my eyes, I also secretly love it! :)

And I love YOU, Gail! If I had to pick a favorite sister who is 10 years older than me, it would be you!

I love you,

p.s. Grace may have had a gumball machine, but you had paper dolls! So Grace is responsible for my sweet tooth but you are responsible for my imagination! :)