Monday, April 18, 2011

Our 5-Month Old

Cole reached 5 months old on Saturday. My, how time flies!!! He's changed so much. It seems like just yesterday he and I were taking naps on the couch together, a sweet little bundle of a baby tucked under my arm. Now he's all squirmy, rolls over constantly, laughs and giggles and makes the most adorable baby noises (some pretty loud'd think a bobcat was outside the window!)

Here are Cole's stats to date:

Weighs over 15 lbs. (50%)
Measured 26 1/2 inches long at 4 mo. (95%)
Rolls over (both ways--tummy to back/back to tummy)
Grabs at toys/puts in mouth
Starting to sit up better (not quite there)
Hold head up and can raise up on arms when on tummy
Looks up when Mommy or Daddy enter room and smiles
"swims" when on tummy
Stands upright (when supported)

Here's a little photo shoot I did with him last week:

He's always looking outside

Drooly little smile :)

"Please, Mom. Not a diaper change now!"

I love this sweet face!

Grins and giggles

You talkin' to me?!?

"Hmm....I wonder what's outside.."

How YOU doin'?

You caught me!

Sittin' tall

I've got a secret!

My Sweet Son!

Have a Happy Monday!



Dad said...

Gail, oh my oh my... how TOTALLY ADORABLE!!

Grandpa LOVES YOU, Cole!!

Bring my ruggedly handsome and keenly intelligent grandson over for a little Grandpa time sometime soon!!

Really REALLY love these new pictures of Cole! He's getting so big! 5 months already? Time sure goes by fast these days!

Love you, Dad

Mom said...

These pictures are sooo very precious! (What did we do before blogs?) But...... as good as a picture is...... we really need the real thing!!! Looking forward to Thursday night and Sunday.

Love you, Matthew, and our very sweet and handsome Cole,


Grace said...

What a cutie-pa-tootie! Love all your little captions with the photos! He sure is one handsome little dude!

Love you all!