Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer's Heat

This Summer's heat has been very wearing on me. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. It's just been SOOOO hot in Texas this Summer! I usually look forward to Summer, too. There's lots to look forward to in Summer...


*Wearing shorts, skirts, sandals & tank tops
*Taking the baby for a stroller ride outside where it's pretty
*Watching your plants grow
*Watching other people's plants grow
*Feeling the warmth of the sun's rays on your face
*Ice cream cones
*Spending time with family & friends
*Eating a ripe piece of fruit in season- like strawberries, peaches & cherries
*Suntans & freckles
*But mostly... just being OUTSIDE!!!

Unfortunately, being outside isn't something we've done a whole lot of around here...and I'm starting to get major cabin fever! I want to take Cole for a stroll around the neighborhood...but it's waaay too hot. My plants are practically burnt up (even though I water them) and everyone else's grass is pretty much brown and dead. I haven't swam once....not even ONCE!....therefore no tan (which honestly isn't a top priority, but would be nice to be a darker shade of pale) and most of the other things I would love to do during the Summer somehow have just not been gotten to....or can't be done. The thing that gets to me the most though is not being able to be outside. There's only so much indoors I can take! Even Cole seems to be getting cabin fever and he doesn't even know what he's missing out on...haha! I remember Summers when my siblings and I were growing up where we'd play outside all day long, run through the sprinklers, eat ice cream on the back porch, play kick-the-can late into the evening hours with the neighborhood kids and just. have. fun. Either I've gotten really old and crotchety or I was really oblivious back then and too carefree to see what was going on around me. I'm guessing it was the latter...I hope? Hmmm...

So that's my rant for the day. Thanks for listening....

Today I said a little prayer to God that if He should lead Matthew and I to a place where there were 4 seasons a year, where there weren't 111 degree temperatures during the Summer, and where it was pretty all year long and you could actually grow plants in the Summer and your grass didn't burn up....

.....then it's be alright with me. :)

Have a happy & *hot* Tuesday,


*Now I need to go say another little prayer that God would put in me a content heart and open my eyes to the blessings He already has before me! Dear Lord....HELP!


The Pilch Family said...

Virginia has 4 seasons.....hmmmm...I think I'll join you in your prayer that God might want to send ya'll somewhere like that hehe :) Love you!!! (Sidenote....tomorrow will be an exciting summer day because its your BIRTHDAY!!!)

Mom said...

I'm with you, girl, all the way. Let's keep praying ;)

vicky said...
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kavin hill said...
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