Friday, February 10, 2012

A "New" Coffee Table

Hello my Friends! 

It's been several months since I've posted and to be quite honest, as good as it was to take a "break", I've been missing it a lot lately! I am! I hope you all had the merriest of Holidays and are feeling refreshed in this New Year. :)


The hunt for a new coffee table began about 7 months ago when Cole started pulling himself up on furniture and tottering around more. Our old coffee table was one that I found at garage sale for $5 (a steal!) and was rectangular with Queen Anne's legs. It has served us well for several years, but it's amazing how differently you look at things (furniture included) once you have a child! The corners of our coffee table all of a sudden appeared much sharper and with Cole running around more and more, it was time to say goodbye to my $5 find. And to make things that much easier, my style has evolved a little over the last couple of years. As if Cole wasn't motivation enough....that's always motivation! :) Haha! (You girls know what I mean). ;) 

So the hunt was on! 

I knew I wanted to meet this criteria when finding a table:

*Well built, would hold it's value
*Oval or rounded corners
*Shelf or drawer as an added bonus

I looked at a lot of pictures online to determine what I was looking for (to see if "it" was even out there!) and found one on this blog that matched what I had been looking for exactly. Now if I could only find it's sister! 
:) After doing some research I learned that it was an antique empire style library table-turned coffee table from the late 1800's/early1900's. I also found out, they can be very hard to find and a lot of times, very expensive. :( With the odds of finding one heavily stacked against me, I just did what any normal, bargain-hunting, determined person would do: kept on looking. Garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, flea markets, thrift stores, Salvation Army, Ebay, and of course...Craigslist. :) 

I wasn't a maniac I promise, but I had my "eye out" when I would be browsing around. Until last week!! Turns out she does have a sister! :) When I read the ad on Craigslist and saw she was listed for a mere $185, I knew she had to be mine. 

And here she is in her new home!

The owner said she was from late 1800's. Isn't she a beaut? She isn't perfect
by any means (has a few little chips),  but I love it. Maybe sometime down the road
when we're not investing in raising children...I'll invest in a full-blown restoration.
But for now, I'm okay with a few imperfections. ;)

She even has the "bonus drawer" I was hoping for. :) 

I love the gentle curve of the legs. Sometimes with antique pieces,
they can seem to be too overly detailed. I love that this piece has detail,
but is not overly fussy. It will work with most any style of room.

And here's our little Cole, perfectly at home around the table's rounded
I thought about putting a vase of flowers in the center for this little photo
shoot, but that's not very realistic cause let's face it, it would just end up on
the floor. Thus is life with little ones! :)

To me, finding this coffee table and having it meet my wants and our needs was an example to me that God really does care about the little things. And that He cares about me! 

Even if it is just a piece of imperfect old furniture. ;)

Have a beautiful day,


P.S. How has God been meeting your little
wants and needs?


Sassy Engineer said...

I love it, and you know i love a good Craigslist find!!!

Grace said...

I love your find...way to be persistent!!! Love you and wish I could've seen you today.

Blessings, Grace