Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Craft

Seeing as how Valentine's Day is only a week away, I thought it would be fun to share a little V-Day craft that I did today during the boys' nap time. I'm not really big into hearts in decorating for the house, so when I saw this on Pinterest awhile back I thought it was really adorable and decided it fit within my decorating style. And, it's so simple you can practically do it with your eyes closed (okay, minus the scissors part! ;) But you get my's eeeeasy. :) I like the way it turned out. Let me know if you try it too!

XO Clothesline Craft

Materials you'll need:
Graph paper (optional)
Sheet of cardboard (a leftover cereal box would do)
Craft paint (I used white and red and left some unpainted)
Craft paint brushes
Mini clothespins (crafts supply store)

 First I used my graph paper to draw out the X's and O's (you could do words too). I then traced them on my cardboard and cut them out. 

 After that it was just a matter of painting them and waiting til they had dried, which only took a few minutes

And here's how it looks in my kitchen. 

I think they're kind of sweet. :)

Happy Valentine's Crafting to you!



Courtney Elizabeth said...

First, I think we have the same clock! Second, what a cute idea! I'm not big into decorating with red (not a favorite color AT ALL) and hearts, but I think this would be really cute in my kitchen or on a wreath! Thanks for the inspiration!

And I'm glad you're blogging again, I always enjoying reading/seeing what you and your family are up to!

Gail said...

Thanks, Courtney! I like your idea of putting it on a wreath! Might have to steal that! :)