Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Heavy, very FULL Heart

Today I remembered why people use the phrase "heavy heart".

When you love someone so much that you would do anything for them....your heart literally feels like a million pounds....and if you were to cough at that moment, it could quite possibly burst out of your chest. It's that heaviness of heart that reminds me why life is so sweet and fragile...and what's really important.

It's also very scary. I've always known I'm a deeply emotional person. The love that I feel for those who are important to me is intense... and although I don't always know how to express it in the best way....I know that if I ever were to lose them, I'd lose a little part of me, too.

Over the next month I promised to do a mini-series on love....and it just wouldn't be right if I didn't first speak of the man that has truly won my heart over.

My husband, Matthew, isn't just someone I share the bills & my bed with....he's my absolute best friend. He's someone I trust 100 % and has my best interests at heart. He works incredibly hard to provide for us, makes me laugh like you wouldn't believe.....we're talking giggly little girl laugh.....and I know I in turn can totally be who I am with him and he'll accept me no matter what. He knows what cheers me up... Just today he brought me home some beautiful red tulips because he knew I had a hard day....and he knows when to sit still and just listen to me. I am who I am with him...and he knows me deeply. I love that.

I'm so glad you're my Valentine, Matthew.......and my heart is very FULL & heavy with love for you.

P.S. What person(s) in your life makes your heart especially puff & swell up with love?




KPE said...

What a beautiful post Gail! I love it!

Grace said...

My loves are all my boys...sweet Gideon and Daniel, my angel babies, my precious Johnathan, and my most wonderful husband. They all make my heart swell with love.

I love you, sweet Gaily.

Love, Grace

Grace said...

Oh, and how could I forget my little bitty sweetie...my love is growing for our newest child.

Love you!