Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Mommy Workout

{Cole at 8 months}

This little guy keeps me on my toes...and has proven to be the best workout routine I've had to date. :) I'm not much for workout schedules anyhow...I always seem to fail at them. I'll be doing good for a week or two, then slowly but surely I'll give myself too much grace here and there and before you know it.....I haven't put on my running shoes in over a month. So, when I became a mom and my life was forever adjusted to a squirming, crawling, getting into everything, wants to touch everything, needs me for everything baby....I also found a workout routine I couldn't shake or lose at....and if you ask me....

...it suits me pretty well. :)

The Mommy Workout:

*Lifting baby throughout the day =back, shoulders & arms workout

*Lifting & carrying baby in {extremely heavy} carseat to and from car & in and out of grocery carts =back, shoulders, arms but esp....abs workout

*Running after baby before he gets into a "No no" in the house =legs workout

*Getting little to no rest at night =endurance workout

*Waiting to eat my food until the baby has had his =patience workout

*Carrying baby in Baby Hawk =back strengthening workout

*Squatting down to help baby with a toy =calves workout

*Pushing baby stroller =stamina & legs workout

*Bouncing baby on legs for what seems like forever =cardio & arms workout

*Dancing for baby to entertain him =more cardio workout

*Sitting straight up in bed at the sound of his cry at night =abs workout

*Making hand motions to entertain baby (like "itsy, bitsy spider") =fingers workout

*Holding baby on hip while doing housework, vacuuming, cooking,
folding clothes, getting mail, putting on makeup, watering plants, etc =balancing, strength & multi-tasking workout

*Sitting cross-legged on floor with baby to play =stretching workout

So that's my workout these days! :) Since I gave birth I've managed to lose the baby pounds I put on during my pregnancy and feel like I'm in better shape than I've been in for years. I attribute that to the Mommy Workout, but also....to the wonder of breastfeeding! God is so miraculous for creating such a thing. ;) I know in the future I'll need to kick it up a notch with my workout when I'm no longer running after Cole...but who knows...by then I may be running after another little someone! :)

So what's your workout? Do SHARE! :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday,



Mom said...

That's pretty much the workout that I adopted all those "mommy" years. One other "cardio" workout that I know we both get is the heart enlargement and increased capacity from all the mother love that God pours into our heart until it just overflows.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Love it, Gaily! What a cute post:) Apart from walking and running(and the occasional crunch;), I definitely rely on "the mommy workout" to keep me fit. It's probably the most rewarding workout I've ever had.

Love you and little Cole. It was SO MUCH FUN to be with you the other day and play with Cole(between all the to-dos). Let's do it again soon!


Grace said...

Love your workout routine...pretty much my daily routine too! I tell myself that I'll do other stuff...run/powerwalk/situps/etc...but when it comes down to it I am just too worn out after my mommy workout to do anything else! ;) Love you so much!