Thursday, October 27, 2011

Absolute Cuteness

Now, I know every mother out there probably thinks that their own little baby must be the cutest baby in the whole world, but I gotta tell you.....

You're all wrong. Okay, just kidding. ;)

But seriously, my little dude just has me head over heels for him. He has the sweetest little expressions that melts my heart like butter and the cutest smiles, features and "isms" that make my heart sigh and all the while I'm thinking, "really? He's all mine? You mean I get to keep him?!!" Ahhh....Motherhood bliss.......... :). How very blessed I am!

Now here's some recent pictures that capture all that cuteness!!!

Note the yellow-ish nose...must be all the
carrots, squash & sweet potatoes he's been eating!

Wearing a sweatshirt that used to be
Daddy's as a baby!

Look who's trying to help
with the dishes!

One of my faves. :) Ohhh...those eyes. :)

Happiness & glee

He loves him some eating! 

"Helping" with laundry too!

Walking with Daddy...I love those
chunky little legs!!!

Have a happy day!!



Anonymous said...

These are absolutely adorable!

Mom said...

Oops! That was me who left the Anonymous comment. Love you all!

Grace said...

Of course I am biased toward my boys, but Cole sure would be runner up in the cuteness contest IMO! LOvin' those pics of your precious boy!!!

goatpod2 said...

Too cute but I think my niece's and nephew are pretty adorable though but Cole is a cutie.


The Pilch Family said...

Yah....I have one of the cutest nephews in the whole world!!!! :) I'm sure having a beautiful momma and handsome daddy and creative Creator helps, too! :)

Christie said...

The mantel is very clever! The simplicity is perfect! As for the pictures in the previous post? Yes, I agree that you have one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! He is ADORABLE!!!! Another blogger wrote to me about my children, "Love them way more than you think possible!" So, so sweet Gail! Christie