Wednesday, March 12, 2014

De-Cluttering Plan

Hello- I'm back! :) The end of February and beginning of March was a pretty routine couple of weeks, so nothing too exciting to blog about. However...I'm working on some fun projects right now that I'll be sharing with you in the next few weeks, so be looking for that if you're interested! It's been invigorating getting my creative on and jumping into some new things- how I've missed it! 

Also, another one of my recent pursuits has been to aggressively work on #10 of my "Leaps":

10. Get rid of everything in our house that we do not #1- love and #2- use. Basically, be rid of excess.

It's been really freeing to get rid of things we don't really need, use or love. I'm finding I have a whole lot more space than I realized and I've barely started! 

Over the next weeks until May 1st (my deadline because we're having a garage sale then) I'll be trying to tackle one area of clutter in our house/garage a day. Here are the areas of need that I've identified:

1) Master bathroom cabinets, drawers, and containers
2) Jewelry storage
3) Matthew's & my personal toiletries drawers
4) Matthew's closet
5) My closet
6) Shelves in Master Bedroom
7) Nightstands and dressers in Master Bedroom
8) Kitchen drawers & cabinets
9) Under the sink
10) Refrigerator
11) Book shelf in Living Room
12) Living Room armoire
13) Office desk drawer
14) Office desk top
15) Office storage
16) Other areas of office
17) Dining Room 
18) Hall bathroom- cabinets and drawers
19) Craft supply storage
20) Decorating supplies storage
21) Paint/supplies storage
22) Wrapping paper/bags storage
23) Desk in Caleb's room
24) Toys storage
25) Blanket shelves
26) Boys' stored clothing
27) Cole's closet
28) Boys' rooms
29) Photo album shelf
30) Saved magazines storage
31) Sewing supplies/fabric storage
32) Wall art
33) Garage tools storage
34) Garage sports balls storage
35) Cars (clean out)
36) Nails, screws, etc. storage
37) Garage overall
38) Outdoor patios- pots, toys, etc.
39) Email inbox
40) Pinterest boards

I actually started the process of de-cluttering back in January and have cleaned out some of these areas already, but would still like to go over them quickly again just to make sure. BUT, a lot of these specific areas I have yet to tackle too- so that'll be fun. Yes, I know---kinda strange, but I actually really enjoy getting rid of stuff and organizing. ;) 

My goal through all this de-junkifying and organizing is to truly be free of all the extra STUFF that is simply just getting in the way of us living and enjoying our lives freely. After all, if you own something, it in a way owns a little part of you too (mostly your time) and there are far more fun and rewarding things I'd like to do with my time than always be taking care of/being bothered by stuff...cause at the end of the day that's all it really is....just stuff!

So here's to getting this de-cluttering party started!!!


P.S. Perhaps you are organizing or de-cluttering too? If not, did this post motivate you to? Do you feel like your stuff sometimes gets in the way of other things you'd like to do with your time? Do tell- would love to hear! :) 

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