Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Key Lime Pie & Brooke

Ever had one of those days that just begged a mini vacation after it was over? Today was one of those days.

It had been a particularly hard and unusual morning at the assisted living community where I work, so when I finally got home in the late afternoon, I sought two things that I knew would be an instant recipe for relaxation: a thick slice of key lime pie and some of my favorite music by an artist by the name of Brooke Waggoner. Matthew had introduced me to this new artist last fall, and ever since then she has been one of my favorites. Her music is a mix of instrumental and contemporary folk. It's peppy and fun, while at the same time being soothing and sweet. If you like that kind of music, check her out....she's awesome.

And that was all it took. After plopping myself down on the sofa, cranking up Brooke and taking a yummy bite of the key lime pie, I was good to go. Ahhh...the recipe had worked. :)(Anything having to do with comfort food + music usually does it for me! Ha!)

What's your recipe for relaxation after a hard day of work? Write me a comment, I'd love to hear your story!

P.S. Key Lime Pie, courtesy of Ruthanne Gaffin. Thanks, Ruthanne! It's delicious!

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Ruby Moon Designs said...

My go-to for relaxation is coffee! It is largely why I enjoy waking up in the morning as well. Just knowing that I can have that nice warm beverage to sip on in the mornings makes them all the more enjoyable! Also, if I ever get the chance to go out of the house on my own, I love to drive around in my car with some good rock just blaring! Something about being totally surrounded by loud music just helps me! Doesn't sound quite as classy as your key lime pie and Brooke gal, but it works for me! Love you!