Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tea Green with Envy

Yummy, delicious, green tea. You can drink it plain and enjoy it's flavorful, pungent taste, or you can add a little honey or lemon if you wish. But whatever way you fancy to drink it, this fact remains true: green tea is goooood.

Matthew and I were out running errands all afternoon, so we didn't get a chance to have our afternoon tea...but that wasn't going to stop us from enjoying a fresh brew of our new favorite tea in the evening! After putting groceries away, I set the kettle to singin' and prepared the teacups, each one holding a tea bag of green goodness.

Minutes later I had the cups filled and stirred a little honey in...just the right amount- not too little, not too much. This time Matt and I were able to relax and enjoy our tea time together while we sat and chatted. Day 2: delightful.

And as for the tea? was really, very good. :)

Some tidbits about green tea:

Green teas are teas which are not fermented. These leaves are steamed in large vats rather than exposed to hot air (like that of the black teas). Green teas have the most delicate flavor of all the teas and, when brewed, are very light in color. Naturally low in caffeine, these teas can be very soothing. Best enjoyed plain, without additives such as lemon or sugar, green teas are said to be able to settle upset stomachs.

Tea Time, M. Dalton King

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Ruby Moon Designs said...

Glad that your second day of tea-time went well. We love tea here too...especially Aaron. We really like the teas that come in the pyramid bags. Remember the Lady Primrose Tea Room? When I was cleaning out the built in china hutch in the dining room I found some "Secret Garden" tea from the Lady Primrose. I had been storing the loose tea in one of my tea pots and had totally forgotten about it. Anyways, I made it up for Aaron and myself and it was delicious...even though it is over 10 years old! Ha!