Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My times are in Thy hand

I've always known I'm an all or nothing gal. Once I jump into something, I put everything I have into it until it is...well...perfect. If it is a project I'm working on I'll give it my all until I'm at last satisfied with the result. This is sometimes a bad thing because I can be known to completely start over if I don't like where something is going. And even if I'm not 100% content with the outcome, I tend to convince myself that "that flaw makes the piece unique" or "that crease, crack or defect just adds character" thus making it perfect.

It's all or nothing. No exceptions.

Naturally this all-or-nothing approach to life flows into the way I love and relate to others. And like my projects, I find myself putting my all into those I love and when I've passed the point of no return (know that I truly love someone(s)), I want everything to stay the same. Because you see, if everything stays the same, then it'll be perfect. It's scary when life changes. It means growing, hurting, learning, and depending on the Lord when things aren't "perfect". But you know what I found?

Life doesn't stay the same.

The last couple of weeks I have been confronted with a family member in the hospital, a friend's death, siblings getting sick, a sweet lady I cared for passed away, and another dear old lady I care for being terribly sick and in the hospital. So let me just tell has not been perfect. I've dealt with an array of emotions including fear, grief, and sadness. I've been asking the Lord to arrange my thoughts in a way I could understand how He might want me to grow from all this....and you know what He did? He led me to a project!

I've had a bunch of old postcards for about a year now dating from the early 1900's. I bought them on eBay intending to use them for craft projects and also to frame some, but just hadn't gotten around to it until this week. What perfect timing, eh? After rummaging through the stack (I had over 100) I decided on six for my wall display. I didn't really pay attention to the words that much at the time. I went to the dollar store and bought 6 4X6 antique-looking gold frames. Hurray for the dollar store! After getting them in the frames and arranging them pleasantly on the wall, I stood back to gaze at my work and as if God himself said it, the middle frame's quote popped out at me with these words:

My times are in Thy hand.

A ha! That's what I needed to hear. At once I felt a calmness and a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that when my world was going awry, the Lord is in control, and me and all of my loved ones are in His hand.

And THAT, my friend, is perfect.

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Grace said...

Wonderful post...perfect in fact! Thanks for reminding us where to go when our worlds are falling apart.