Monday, March 29, 2010

B-A-B-Y spells {Baby}

Matthew and I don 't play games that often.....

...even though I really do love an evening of cards or a good ol' game of Scattergories....playing a game with only 2 people really isn't as fun as an entire group of people.

But last night, I was in the mood. Remember the scene in "Father of the Bride 2" when they're all playing Scrabble together waiting for the baby to come? That scene entered my mind and from there on out, I was craving Scrabble like pickles and icecream. Matt was a good husband too, and very obliging seeing as how I wanted to play so much.

First I counted all the pieces to make sure we had the number of each letter that was suppose to go with the game. We had picked up the game at a garage sale for a buck or two awhile I wanted to make sure we were playing fair. CHECK! All pieces present and accounted for. Does anybody else do this besides me?

Instead of playing the regular version of scrabble, we decided to put a twist on it and play "Baby Scrabble". The only rules deviating from
the normal ones were that you had to only make words that had to do with pregnancy or babies. It worked out quite nicely and we had a lot of fun in the process!

Here's the game board and some of the words we came up with:

If there was ever a word in question, the person responsible for the word had to give an explanation in order to proceed. Matt was always good at this....and it made me smile to hear him say how this and that had to do with being pregnant. Funny though, we never could spell "boy" that a sign??? Hmmmm. We'll see! Can't wait to find out!




Grace said...

SWEET! I bet if I played, all I could spell would be boy, haha! ;)

What a fun twist on scrabble though! And, yes, Gaily I think that you're the only one who makes sure that the pieces are all there!

Love you so much!

P.S. I don't know if it's just my computer, but I can only see the first picture where BABY is spelled out.

Joy Noelle Gaffin said...

this makes me smile so BIG :)

i miss you both dearly.

Mattameus said...

So confession.. Gail NEVER pays nearly enough attention to me when we play games. I must have turned over 10 different letters before finding the Y that allowed me to spell baby. Unfortunately.. I still got owned.