Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Funny Weather

Texas has funny weather.

Last Sunday we woke up to a winter wonderland....

It didn't compare to our 9 inches in February...but 3 inches is still big news in Dallas, TX.

And then today.....we had typical Spring weather with high humidity levels and rain that poured like cats and dogs. By the way, does anybody know where that funny phrase really comes from? I heard someone say once that "back in the ol' days" when they had thatched roofs, that the cats and dogs would snuggle up on the roof during a storm, but with the weight of the soggy roof combined with the animals, they animals would eventually fall through the roof and into the house. So there you have it: raining cats and dogs. But honestly...that sounds too silly to be true. Must be an urban legend. Seriously....

But anyways, back to the weather. As I was driving home tonight in the pouring rain coming from visiting my sisters who are in town from college, I was remembering how scared I used to be as a child whenever a storm would come. My room faced North on the second story and had 7 windows, so you can imagine the lightening show I had whenever we had a big thunderstorm hit. We're talking my whole room would light up and shake from end to end from the thunder. At 10 I had graduated into a "big girl" room of my own, but I was far from being a big girl. Every time a storm would come I'd hide under my covers for as long as I could, somehow thinking that the covers would protect me. As long as I couldn't see the lightening, it wasn't real. And then...just when I couldn't take it any longer (letting my little mind get the better of me...persuading me that I was going to be struck by lightening) I would tip-toe downstairs, tap my sleeping mother on the shoulder, and tell her I was frightened. Sometimes she prayed with me that I would trust God through the storm...then send me on my way back up to bed...but a lot of times she would make me a little pallet on her side of the bed for me. And there I would sleep, peacefully and soundly, knowing for sure that nothing could harm me with my Mommy & Daddy sleeping right beside me.

I of course outgrew the trips down the stairs during thunderstorms...but as I was driving home tonight it struck me that now, with this little life growing inside of me, that I will be the one very soon to make the pallet or calm my little ones with a soft prayer and a warm embrace. How happy that makes me! What a blessing. :)

Texas has funny weather.....but I am so ready for this new stage in life.

So ready.




Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Gaily, I can certainly see your mommy's heart coming precious. I remember not too very long ago when we had a big storm at night and Johnathan was terrified. We made up his pack n play in our room and just like you mentioned in your post, he was able to sleep soundly beside us, even though the storm still raged on outside. It is a special privilege to be able to be the one who is able to comfort him and help calm his fears. Your sweet child is already blessed to have a mommy (and daddy) who will do the same.

Love you!

Joy Noelle Gaffin said...

Gail, I was the same when I was little!! You should ask Matthew about it...I would cry, hide under blankest, call in bed with Mom...all the while Mom and Matthew loved watching and listening to the storm..I was that little girl, too!

Your heart IS beautiful, I agree with Grace!! You will be such a wonderful mommy!! Thank you for letting us into your heart and sharing...

I love you.