Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Arrival

The other day the doorbell rung.......

...It was late yes, I was up and about and dressed. :)

As soon as I got to the door I saw that somebody had left me a handful of beautiful daffodils!

My Grandmother was scurrying away thinking nobody was of course I had to stop her to say thank you. :) She told me they came from their farm in East Texas and that there were gobs of them in a field. How lovely!

I just love them! Aren't they pretty?

Being the flower-loving girl that I am, I just had to immediately put them in a vase and dress them up a bit. I think the pebbles in the water and rustic branches provide the perfect compliment to these fresh, Spring flowers. :)

What has YOU excited about the prospect of Spring?




Joy Noelle Gaffin said...

Yes please, Spring! It snowed yesterday. I am sooo ready for flowers to bloom!!!!

KEllwood said...

Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous! And your arrangement looks a lot like what I envisioned for that one centerpiece, ha!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Lovely flowers. Grandma was telling me how she got out in the rain to go get them because they were just so beautiful! I love your arrangement...especially the twigs, since I am quite fond of using them in my decoration too! Love you Gaily!

Love, Grace

Mom said...

Hi Gail, Whew! You do have a flair with flowers. I've been watching my daffodils outside and they are just about to bloom. And wonder of wonder I have sweet little purple violets peeking out of the mass of wintry leaves. And my garden is calling me to please come till it, drop some seeds down into the earth, and see the wonder of new life once again! But I really must decide just how much of this garden I should actually plant. Should I pretend that it is necessary to put up all our food for the winter and plant both gardens or be a little more "modern"? Ah, decisions! Love you, Gail and looking forward to Spring, Mom