Saturday, March 6, 2010

{Irish} for a Day

I am in no way Irish.

I've never even been to Ireland. I have friends that have....but not me. Not that I'm bitter, because I'm not....I'm just stating the facts.

But today...all of that changed., my friends... I got to be...

Irish for a day.

So, donning our green.... and armed with water bottles.....we set out to enjoy the festivities of the North Texas Irish Festival.

We decided to take the train into downtown to avoid the hassle of parking.

We saw lots of men wearing kilts....

....we saw the largest Irish Wolfhounds you've ever seen (this picture does not do them justice...they wer HUGE!)...

...watched an Irish parade....

....and ate the most delicious Irish stew ever. Seriously, that stuff was gooood!

YUM. :)


{Photo sources from top down, L-R: #1: here #2: here
#3: here #4: here}

May the Luck of the Irish be with you this week! :)




Ale said...

that looks very fun!
ireland is actually on our list of places to visit. is the beard your idea? :) I'm a beard fan myself, totally confiscated all of Vito's raizors!!

Gail said...

The beard was not my idea...but it's growing on me...simply because I don't think it's going anywhere soon! ;)

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Looks like you Irish folks had a lot of fun "going green" for a day!!! Did you happen to see any gold at the end of a rainbow? ;) Love you!

Blessings, Grace