Friday, March 4, 2011

Lately {In Pictures}

A little bit of what we've been up to lately...

Enjoying lunch and red velvet cupcakes (yum!) in honor
of my sweet sister Gwen's birthday ;)
{L-R: sister Gloria, Grandma Linda, sister Gwen,
my mother Cindy & Cole}

Honorary Auntie Katie Joy getting some
lovin' in with Cole

My dear nephew Levi (1 1/2) "holding" Cole.
He was so sweet with him!

Kisses for cousin. :)

Tummy time!

He had had enough tummy time at this
point....aww...much better!

I love how innocent he looks when he's
asleep in his car seat. Melts my heart!

Smiling while asleep. Precious!

Profile. I love his slopy nose...because
he got it from me!

This was so cute. One night when I was folding
clothes in the nursery and he was in his crib,
he started to fall asleep....and while doing so...
started stroking the ears of this Peter Rabbit stuffed
animal. It was precious!

And for those of you wondering about the hazard of
sleeping in that mass of stuffed
worries. I was there the whole time keeping an eye on him.
Normally they're not all over the place like that!

Yummy veggie and chicken spring rolls for dinner
with peanut sauce and orange slices. The bad
photography doesn't do it justice...they were sooo
good! {and healthy too!)

~Reading with Daddy~

Tuned in to "Tootle" the train.

Looking at the pictures....

"Hey Mom, we're reading!" :0)

{YAWN}. Someones getting sleepy.

Matthew is such a good Dad. ;)

I love this chunky, cute face.

Playing with Daddy. ;)

Smiles and Giggles

He gets such a kick out of standing
in front of the mirror and seeing
his reflection. It always makes him smile!

Happy little fella ;)

Daddy & Cole

We finally got a stroller! Yay! I'm excited
because now it's going to be easier to take him
out or on walks... or rather...."strolls". ;)

Me and my little guy. (me with no makeup- I
wasn't going to put some on just for a stroll
down the street...sorry!)

The sweetest little face ever!

His "puppy" face ;0)

Yummy "flowering" jasmine tea

A little ball of tea leaves open up when
you pour the hot water over it.
Isn't that cool? ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!



Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

He's so stinkin cute. You got your stroller just in time for Spring. You two will really enjoy your "strolls". Those tea leaves are too cool!

Ivy said...

Gail, he is an adorable baby! He does seem so smiley too... which is wonderful! He is going to be such a delightful little treasure in your home. :-)

Courtney Elizabeth said...

What a cutie! I feel like he's gotten SO big since the last pictures you posted. :)

P.S. I love those flowering teas! Mom gave me a clear teapot and the flowering things for my birthday.

Grace said...

Gaily...Cole was cute before...but now he is just blossoming into the most adorable little boy...oh my goodness, he is so cute! Seriously, I want to see that little guy and give him the biggest hugs!...and you too! You look lovely...make-up or not! Love you Gaily!

Love, Grace