Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm not even sure I'm ready to put this on here....but something tells me it's okay. That it validates what happened....that it wasn't just a dream...a very sweet dream that abruptly ended.

I hope I never forget. No wait.

I can't.

I won't.

The last 5 + weeks were real. As real as real can be. Whoever says different is kidding themselves.

Isn't it interesting how death can change you just as much as life?

I don't get that. Why do we have to lose something to realize what's important in life?

Or what's important to God?

Is that grace? Mother says, "God gives you grace to enjoy things....but sometimes He just gives you grace to endure it."

So this is my enduring it, by writing a poem to the sweet baby we lost.

Here's to our baby "June".


Dear June, I held you just a little while
My June, how I've imagined your sweet smile
Baby June, your Mommy wishes you had stayed
Oh June, why did you go away?

Fair June, your Daddy loved you oh so well
Precious June, if you had known him you could tell
Dearest June, we both have loved you from the start
Oh June, why did we have to part?

Cute June, I think you would have had my nose
Lovely June, and perhaps his lips and toes
But June, no matter what your features be
Oh June, we'd love them completely!

Perfect June, we fought for your sweet, little life
Tiny June, by doing everything so right
Sweet June, I guess the Lord had other plans
Oh June, you're safe now in His hands.

Our June, you'll be forever in our hearts
Little June, and though from us you did depart
Heavenly June, you're in a much, much better place
Someday we'll see you face to face.


asd said...


You are sweet and dear to me. We love you and Matthew so much and have kept you in our prayers.

Love, Gwen

Grace said...


Your words for sweet baby June are so precious, and are such a testimony of your amazing motherly love for your Heaven-born child. June knows nothing other than love, and what a precious thing that must be. She will be wrapped in the warmth of your love and our sweet Savior's love for all of eternity. She is a blessed baby to have you as her mommy. I love you Gaily, and you are in my constant thoughts and prayers.

Love you so much, Grace

Maria I. Morgan said...

Hi Gail, Just read your comment on my post about loss. Oh, I am so sad for you, yet you've already chosen to not allow a single moment of your suffering to be wasted! Your poem is beautiful!

A book that helped me following my miscarriage was Empty Arms by Pam Vredeveldt. I would highly recommend it. God used it as a tool to bring healing. Know that I'm praying for you and your husband. Please let me know if I can be of help in any way.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Gail,

Your tender love for baby June is so dear. As we watch you and Matthew grieve, we mourn with you and know that 'she' will now always be a part of our family- just not here with us. How comforting it is to her Grammy to know that she is with Jesus.

We praise God for your mother's heart and pray you'll be comforted as only God can comfort.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Oh, Gail. My heart breaks for you and Matt. You two are in my thoughts and prayers.