Friday, October 9, 2009

My Favorite Things: Beauty Edition

We all know the familiar tune from The Sound of Music with Maria singing joyously of her favorite things with the von Trapp family...

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings...these are a few of my favorite things!"

Oh how I used to love watching that part in the movie, followed closely by Liesl and Rolf in the gazebo. :) Good, good times.


So, in the spirit of thankfulness and because I just want to...I thought I'd start my own "Favorite Things" list to share with you. (Thanks for the idea, Maria!). This will be the first of many posts of "faves". Just a sampling of the simple pleasures in my world that make my heart skip a beat...that bring joy to my days in the smallest of ways, and....if you're like me and you like trying new things.... I would recommend to YOU!

So without further ado...


Jason's Apricot Scrubble is to die for! I love it! I get
so excited to use it!I've never found a better face scrub...
it's deep-pore cleansing, smells so delicious you could eat it,
and for the cherry on top, all Jason products are

Jane Iredale makeup is awesome! Made with the
purest, cleanest minerals, this makeup doesn't make
my already problem skin feel more problematic. In
fact, it's healthy for my skin! And although it's $$,
I buy mine on eBay from makeup dealers and it makes it
super affordable!

When I found this Aveeno lotion, I knew
I wouldn't need to look for another lotion any other place.
I have oily skin as it is, but this lotion never makes my
skin feel greasy. It has SPF 30 sunscreen, and "natural
light diffusers" to even out skin tones. It's

If you're into "green living" like I am,
you'll love these shampoos and conditioners from
Whole Foods. They have no artificial preservatives,
are not animal-tested, and are scented with delicious
essential oils. My favorite scents are spearmint and
Grapefruit (pictured). And, being the Whole Foods
store brand, they're VERY inexpensive!

Ahhh! Tom's of Maine! These all-natural
body soap bars are terrific! So many "natural"
soaps start splitting apart when used...or worse...
don't lather at all...NOT WITH THESE. They create
a wonderful lather and are silky-soft to the skin.
And they smell good to boot! Favorite: Lemongrass.

And Lastly............Oral Hygiene. :)

If you have not crossed over to the other side from
synthetic to natural-bristle tooth should!
These little guys are soft and gentle to your teeth, are small
enough to not gag you when you brush your teeth, and don't
taste plasticy. You can get them at Whole Foods for cheaper
than a new tooth brush at Walmart!

And of course it just wouldn't be complete without...

Did you know that most conventional toothpastes have sugar
in them? Surprised? I was! On my quest to finding healthier
toothpaste, I came across this...and I love it! You can find
it in just about any health food store. I love the all-natural minty
taste, the fact that all the ingredients are natural (no harsh
chemicals...only plant-based natural whiteners and ingredients),
and they leave my smile feeling CLEAN!

Well that's all for now! What are some of YOUR
favorite beauty products you can't live without?

*Write me about it!*


Ruby Moon Designs said...

Hmmmmm, favorite Beauty products????...........most days I'm good if I can just get in a shower! Haha! But the one thing that I can't live without is my hand lotion---Suave Naturals---the only problem is that they don't make it anymore! Boohoo! Anyways, I bought up about 8 bottles of it that I found at a discount store so I'm good to go for a while. I don't know if lotion counts as a beauty product or not, but that's my fave! Love you!


KPE said...

I may just have to check into a few of these! Thanks!!