Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ruby Moon Designs ::Delicious Giveaways::

If you haven't heard of Ruby Moon Designs yet...

You're missing out!

Grace Aldape, creative guru and jewelry extraordinaire has a unique way of putting jewelry and handmade home items on the map. Her expertise in her craft and the ingenuity put into each item makes her designs not only stand out... but just gotta have 'em!

You can find her unique items at her Etsy Store and also read about them, as well as other helpful tips and stories on her blog here.

And don't miss out on her Giveaway! She's got some awesome little beauties up for grabs! Just post a comment and you'll be in the drawing!

Happy Saturday!!!

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Ruby Moon Designs said...

Thanks, Gaily! You're the biggest cheer leader ever! Love you!