Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Peace

How strange it is that tragedy and loss can happen so second you're moving along your merry way as if the whole world was smiling with you, and the next thing you know you're finding yourself picking up the pieces of disappointment, fear, sadness and loss. What a difference a day makes.

Or even a moment.

Car accidents happen in a split second, heart attacks come on suddenly, diseases spread swiftly, fires catch rapidly, and people die....quickly. Fast fast fast. In world that is quickly fading, it's no wonder why lots of people struggle to find happiness. Joy. Peace. Love.

It's almost as if it's an oxymoron to be happy. And for someone who has their hope set in this sad, depressing really is sort of hopeless. It's not suppose to be fulfilling, and yet we all wonder why we aren't feeling satisfied with this place.'s because it's not suppose to be satisfying!

Why does this muster up anxiety in us? Why are confused we things aren't "right" and our worlds are falling apart? After a long week of fear, sadness and confusion...I think I might have been given the answer.....

We were meant for MORE than this world. We were meant for heaven. Disaster should shake us--we were created for peace. Hatred should jolt us--we were created to be loved. Sadness should jerk us--we were meant for JOY. And we who are believers can have that. Right now. Eternal life starts now for those who are in Christ..and what a comfort that is! Amidst the problems, the confusion and hurt....we can know peace, in Christ. We can know love, in Christ. We can know joy, in Christ. And we can know happiness, in Christ.

If I stick out like sore thumb here on's because I wasn't meant for here. My home is in Heaven...and I can't wait to get there!

This hymn writer said it best:

My Peace
My peace I give unto you
It's a peace that the world cannot give
It's a peace that the world cannot understand
Peace to know, peace to live
My peace I give unto you.




Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Gail, your words are powerful! And so true. I love the picture of Jesus holding the baby...I have that one framed under my "Gideon" shelf in our room. It's a good reminder of WHO is caring for our sweet babies. I love you so much, honey. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Love, Grace

Mom said...

Gail, your words are so meaningful especially in light of the week you have had. Your heart and soul is so very open to the Lord's truth and I so appreciate you sharing and encouraging those of us that love you and read your blog.

All my love, sweetie,