Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{Anthro} on a dime

A couple of days ago while I was reading one of my favorite blogs, I came across this tutorial for how to make a wreath out of an old book. I knew immediately that I wanted to make it! It looked like something from an Anthropologie display...and if you know me....I just LOVE me some Anthro!

So yesterday after work, I headed straight for the Dollar Tree. I didn't want to destroy any of the books I had at home. Awhile back I sorted through all the books I didn't want and donated or gave away a bunch, so what's on my shelves are here to stay.

Back at the Dollar Tree I found a sturdy book with off-white pages and nice, black print. I already had the other materials, so this entire project cost me only $1! How amazing is that? But even if you don't have the materials, you may pay as much as $5...still not bad, eh?

It takes time (it took me several hours) but the process is fun and easy. You could easily do this while watching a movie, listening to the radio or music, or what-have-you.

Here's the finished result:

It doesn't look exactly like the gal's in the tutorial, but I think I actually like mine better! ;)

One last thing I need you to help me decide...does it need a bow, or does it look good plain?



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Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

I've seen this idea floating around blogland, but I haven't tried it out yet...it looks great, Gaily! You did a wonderful job...and for 1 buck, you just can't beat that!