Monday, April 5, 2010

Eat Your Fruit

With pregnancy nausea and food aversions in full swing, I've had to be careful with what passes through my lips. What once was tasty and tempting could now be nauseating and a no-no! For some odd reason (which I cannot explain other than weird pregnancy hormones) I have had a really strong disconnect with meat. Thankfully not all meats, but unfortunately, most of the healthier meats that I once loved (chicken, fish, lamb) are now making my head spin and my stomach churn! I tried grilling some chicken last week for a Caesar salad but found out half-way through that I had no desire to eat my beautifully prepared lunch. I had to wait at least a half hour before I could stomach it down. :( No fun.

The good news is, I've been falling in love with fruit! I've always loved fruit, but where once I might have considered making waffles and eggs for breakfast, I now gravitate towards a bowl of delicious, ripe fruit!

Here's what my breakfast looked like this morning:

Sliced bananas and strawberries with plump blackberries and raspberries! I love the tangy-sweet flavors they make when combined. YUM.

Aren't these fuzzy little raspberries mouth-watering? I think so. ;) They make the most delicate little crunch when you bite down.

Something I learned last week about eating fruit is that you need to eat it by itself (and wait a half hour or so before eating anything else) to be able to obtain the best nutritional results. Fruit digests faster than other foods, so if you eat fruit, say, right after you eat a piece of toast, it will get stuck where the bread is trying to digest and turn to acid and start to rot, making it harder to digest the bread and not maximizing the fruit's ability to aide in your body's health. All fruit is alkaline when digested by itself, which helps to fight off free radicals and prevent disease. So, if you can help it (and I know that we can't all the time) eat your fruit solo. It'll do your body good and you'll be thanking yourself later. For more information about this, read this article: Eating Fruit.

Have a beautiful & healthy Monday!



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Joy Noelle Gaffin said...

Ewww nausea...I have wondered often to what it will be like for me one day since it already takes nothing for me to be nauseous. I'm praying for you!!!