Monday, April 26, 2010

Wood & Field Strawberries

I made a discovery last week as I was
working in my flower garden...

They're called "Wood Strawberries".
They're virtually tasteless..but
are perfectly safe to eat.

In some parts of France they are considered a
delicacy. Because of how tender & delicate their flesh is
when ripe, they must be eaten within a day...thus making
it impossible to transport.

I chose to eat mine drowned in milk
with a little sugar & nutmeg.


I plan on using the rest of the strawberries
that ripen in green salads to add a bit of color & fiber.
They will hardly be noticed in flavor...(though
some varieties are sweeter)...but will be a
delightful addition nonetheless!


In other strawberry news...
my strawberry plant that I potted
a couple of years ago has made been
dramatically evolving this week.

From this.... this.

Matthew & I shared these few berries together
and savored their delicious, sweet-tangy flavor.

These dainty little gals should
be ready in a week or two.

Aren't their little "sun hats" sweet?

What fun discovery have you made lately???




Elizabeth Bailey said...

You pictures make me hungry. :-)
I discovered your blog through "The Lettered Cottage." I hope you don't mind if I follow you! I really like your blog. :-)

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Oh brother. "You?" ... yeah, I meant "Your!" Maybe I ought to go take a nap. ;-)