Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oven-Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, Recycled

I don't usually make a big breakfast that much during the middle of the week....and by big I mean more than one component. During the week breaking the fast usually consists of cereal...a bowl of fruit...or a fresh smoothie.

Well today was different. {I like different}.

Last night I made this delicious oven-roasted rosemary potato recipe. (See my cousin's blog here for the recipe) and decided that with all those yummy left-overs...I'd put them to good use this morning and recycle them as hash brown. Good idea, eh? Okay, I know it wasn't an original idea...but since I forget to do this sort of thing a lot.....I was proud of myself. :-)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, whole grain toast with homemade strawberry preserves (made last Summer. See here), and rosemary potatoes-turned breakfast hash browns.


To make them a little different I added a little creole Cajun seasoning to give them some ZING! It helped to spice them up a bit.

What's YOUR favorite way to recycle a leftover?

Have a beautiful & delicious Tuesday!




Grace said...

Mmm, yummy! We like to make breakfast burritos with leftover refried beans at our place! ;) Gotta love Mexican food in the mornin'!

Love you!

Mattameus said...

I ate them.. and my favorite way to recycle leftovers is to eat them.